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The Path of the Dutton Boys

In January of 2007 when Cole was in Kindergarten and Pierce was just 3 years old they were both diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

It was only in hindsight that mom Kera, a dietitian, and dad David, an equine surgeon, could see the signs leading up to the diagnosis. Both boys seemed to fall more then normal for small children and did not use their arms to catch themselves when they did. Of course leading to many a bump on the head!
But early on doctors told Kera that small children often fall so not to worry about it.

Mrs. Clifford, then a Kindergarten teacher at the Geneva School in Boerne Texas, noticed that Cole could not keep with the other kids physically. At that time Cole’s early sign of DMD, walking on his toes, became more noticeable.

In early January 2007 when Cole and Pierce were first diagnosed as having the same identical genetic sequences leading to the DMD it was a devastating time. However as is the nature of the Dutton parents they did not stay down for long, choosing to fight the disease and give the boys as normal a childhood as possible.

Both boys attend the Geneva School of Boerne, a classical christian school which is a close knit community, supportive of the boys and any needs that may arise with the progression of the DMD.

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